The cost of a fireworks display depends on the duration of the show and the size and quantity of the fireworks used.

Whatever the event and the size of the budget, we treat all our customers with the same level of respect and proffessionalism. We understand that your planned display event is special no matter what the size.

All our displays use high quality pyrotechnics material, compliant with current leglisation and CE marking. A smaller budget does not result in the use of poor quality fireworks.

As the budget for the display increases, it is generally the size and quantity of the fireworks used that increases.

Unlike many companies, we do not have a fixed budget or defined show for specific events. All our shows are based on discussions with the customer, their expectations and the event itself.

We do not distinguish between private or corporate, as many of our biggest shows have been for private customers.


As a guide, we would suggest the following prices, although every event is different and we appreciate that every customer will have different requirements.

For example, some customers will require a short high intensity display and others will want the display to last longer. An example of this may be a small village November 5th type show which is required to last

15 minutes, or a short finale type display using larger fireworks but only lasting 3 minutes. Both could have the same budget but are different types of displays.


For smaller displays we would suggest a minimum budget of £600 for a 5-7 minute display.


For medium sized displays, where some larger and more powerful fireworks can be used, we would suggest a minimum budget of £1000


For larger displays where more powerful fireworks can be used throughout the display we would recommend a minimum budget of £1500


For very large displays where the largest fireworks can be used throughout, we would suggest a minimum budget of £2500.

Remember that these are only guide prices, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss options and offer advice.


All displays are subject to a suitable risk assessment. This is usually in the form of a site visit, where the suitability of the planned location is evaluated.

We will look at safety distances and other factors. The risk assessment is free and is essential for the purposes of insurance and meeting the criteria of legal and related guidelines.